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Officers: World War II (PC)

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Officers: World War II (PC)

Post  apihsuyuf09 on Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:52 am

Officers: World War II (PC)
PC | English | 3A Games | 2009 | 1.14 GB
Genre: Real-Time Strategy

Officers - Six years of bloodshed and genocide, known as the Second World War 1939-1945 biennium. Left the descendants of the tragic memories, the bitterness of loss, the legends about glory and courage of millions of soldiers and at the same time a large number of issues. What if that something had gone on a different path? Was it possible to prevent war or to end the fratricide much earlier than in 6 years? What if someone could change the course of history? These issues, as well as a great desire to create a fundamentally and qualitatively new 3D RTS persuaded the company GFI UA to create a game "officers."

"Officers - this is fully three-dimensional strategy for real-time, c the presence of RPG elements. On the other hand - is a unique military simulator, in which the player acts as a unit commander of one of the warring sides. Play events cover the entire time period of World War II.

Considerable attention is paid to military logistics. The player will control the military supplies, to monitor food availability, time to replenish their stock of ammunition, etc. Battles take place in areas of 5x5 km in size, which are located in areas of major impacts of each of the parties. In the battle will involve up to 1500 soldiers. Various locations will be different landscapes, which, along with weather effects, change the time of day and year will directly affect the gameplay.

* The two campaigns, each of which offers the player to take the hard path of military officers, through battlefields of World War II;
* Extensive gaming location size 5x5 km;
* Large-scale battles with up to 1500 units;
* Over 70 different types of vehicles, armored vehicles, self-guns, artillery and aviation;
* Realistic damage system technology (you can shoot down a track, damaging the engine or the tower, contuse crew);
* Extensive use of tactics to achieve victory on the battlefield;
* The system resources, allowing to simulate the supply lines and use them to fulfill strategic objectives;
* Unique algorithm to determine the goals of AI, based on risk, vulnerability and distance;
* Dynamic alternation of day and night and weather effects that affect the parameters of units;
* RPG-system - improved the parameters of units.

Technological Features:
* The interactive environment is crumbling;
* Technology SpeedTree, allows you to create realistic landscapes and vegetation;
* The exact model of the movement of celestial light and the light emanating from the sun and moon;
* Graphical engine based on DirectX9;
* Dynamic popikselnoe lighting;
* Dynamic shadows and samozatenenie;
* Information for AI: reserve zone, the zone neprosmatrivaemosti, impassable zones, relief, the parameters of the unit.



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